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Moringa Bitters

Moringa Bitters



Moringa Bitters may  promotes healthy liver, kidney and skin while preventing iron deficiency, acid reflex

Stabilizes blood sugar level, improves blood circulation and reduce joint pain
Moringa Bitters Detox and Energy are made from the real Leaves frome Moringa  tree, combine with
21 herbs rich in antioxidants such as Ginger, Garlic, Moringa, Turmeric ,Sage, Maca, Irish  Moss, Mauby bark Alfalfa, Dandelion root comfrey and Bilberry, Burdock root Chamomile Sarsaparilla, Dong quai ashwagandha Moringa, Black berry and golden seal.
Other ingredients: Vitamin C Iron, vitamins B-12, Zinc and Vitamin
Directions: Take 1 tablespoon before a meal,
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