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Probiotics Acidophilus

Probiotics Acidophilus


100 Billion CFU *30 Clinically  Proven  Strains
Digestive Release


Contains 60 Vereritian capsules to  Improves digestion, Protects urinary tract and Support your  Immune Function reduce  Gas and bloating and mantain  Digestive nutrient.  Probiotics is a powerful  organisms that colonize the digestive tract found in nutritious foods like yogurt.  A high-quality probiotic formula can bring you a balanced blend of friendly bacteria that works best with your nutrition plan. This premium supplement features a targeted 28 proven strain complex with 100 billion CFU  active organisms plus FOS prebiotic in each serving. Scientific testing was conducted  on our probiotics to measure purity and potency,  bringing you superior quality nutritional support and digestive release throughout your daily routine. Ingredients: •Turmeric•Cinnamon•Bay leaves•Cardamom•Slippery elm• Cloves,Oregano. Lsctobacillus Plantarum. Lsctobacillus. Rhamnosus.Lsctobacillus Bifidobacterium. Take 2 Capsules once a day  with a meal.

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