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Nutraflax Rapid Detox & Flush Vegetable Capsule 60 count



Nutra flax Rapid Detox & flush Capsule Help combat occasional, mild bloating and those feelings of heaviness with triple-action support. This is one of our best combinations yet for promoting gastrointestinal health.* Senna leaf gently stimulates bowel function.* One of the world’s best sources of soluble fiber, psyllium seed husk is a valuable nutritional tool for supporting colon health and regularity.* Ingredients : Cascara Sagrada Psyllium Husk, & Senna leaves. The final addition to this convenient herbal formula is cascara sagrada bark, providing support for healthy intestinal function and gentle support for regular bowel movements.* Use this triple complex occasionally, in those times when you need some regularity help!* Serving size: Take 2 capsules daily as a Dietary Supplement, once before breakfast and before dinner.

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