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REV Stamina Energy Booster Protein Shake, 1lb & 13 ounces

REV Stamina Energy Booster Protein Shake, 1lb & 13 ounces



Nutritional Supplement[SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR MEN] Ingredients: Sarsaparilla, Black Maca, Guarana, Ginseng Royal, Red Chinese Ginseng root , Ginger root, Chaney root, Cinnamon, Green Banana peel, Medina, Korean (Asian )Ginseng root and Natural herbs.(Also Contains: Propriety blend ingredients to help overcome Erectile Dysfunction naturally. Hemp Protein, Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) organic Fenugreek seed, Trigonella, Maca, Deer antler Velvet, Eleuthero root, Siberian Ginseng root, Red Korean Ginseng root, Tonkat Ali, Spirulina, Wheat grass, Bois Bande extract No Mixing, No blending just Add 2 Scoops to water or your favorite drink can also be added to your favorite smoothie Supplement Fact:Serving size 1 Scoop Servings Per container 30Amount per Serving 1 scoop%Daily Value* Calories 20.0 0 Calories from fat 230Total Fat 0g 0%Saturated Fat 1.00gCholesterol 35.00mgTotal Carbohydrates 9.00g 4%Dietary Fiber 30g 100%Vegetable protein 30.00 45%Sugar 0gPotassium 300mg 7%Vitamin E 40mg* Vitamin B-1 2430IVitamin C 60 mg*Calcium 300 mgSodium 0Vitamin B-6 200mg 100%Calcium 100mg 10%Vitamin B-2 150 mg 100%Vitamin B-1 60mg 3,900%Vitamin B-3 60mg 100%Vitamin B-12 600mg 2588%Zinc 10.00mg 100%* Selenium 66 mcg 100%Ginkgo 60mg 1% Folic Acid 400.00mcg 100%*Percentage daily values are not established**Daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie intake*


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